Month: March 2017

The start of something new πŸ

So its a new month, its a new season, its a new financial year (yes, I am an accountant) and dare I say its a new me??? 
Well, I made it this far in the post havent I. I finally stopped procrastinating and started this post, hence I declare its a new me hehe. 

So I am 2 months later than the normal person in making a new years resolution, but its better later than never. Maybe, just maybe later means I will actually keep mine (which is unlike the normal person) ..To the Person who is reading this, how has keeping the resolution you made on 1st Jan 2017 gone??? Bet it hasnt stuck has it, but if it has, bravo to you. (Comment please).

Anyway, enough rambling, this post is just an introduction of what is to come. I am a South African lady, as my title states, and yes I specified South African because I plan on making my blog cross borders and boundaries because one has to aim high.

I am, most importantly, a God fearing woman, which will become evident as the posts go on. I put God first and everything else falls into place. 

Other interests, I am a big lover of Sport. I think, wait I know that I am a bigger fan of sport than many girls and even GUYS I know. So yet again I am crossing the boundaries. So guys, expect to be challenged because thats what your gonna get. 

Lastly, my day job is accounts, as you would of figured. I am a mum to a wonderful, energetic pup named Bella. I live in the most beautiful city in the world, Cape Town. And right now, im a wannabe photographer.

Anyway, thats a wrap from me today. Introduction is complete and most importantly fingers have gotten enough exercise. So here is to a new me! 

xoxo dhashnie xoxo

PS: Happy new year fellow accountants .. its cheesy, oh so cheesy but you just got to deal with it now dont you! .. Guess any doubts of choosing to be an accountant gets thrown out the door with jokes like that hey.

PPS: Anyone else singing “the start of something new from High school musical” or is it just me lol 

PPPS:Shout Out to my roommate, Ruthie.