Fearless: Shine Camp 2017

So one may ask what is this so called “Shine” I mention. Well to clear the confusion, its the name of our kids ministry at my church in Cape Town, Fathers House Christian Fellowship. 

Having said that, its time for me to blog about about how this ministry is growing our kids (i talk as if im a parent but really im just stealing your kids and making them my own lol)  and shaping them into the people who can conquer the world with God by their side.

The Shine Camp this year was titled Fearless and alot of the activities were centred around this. From talks about how God is always with you and how he guides and teaches you because he is powerful, to activities like obstacle courses that might have been scary for some kids, were all meant to empower these kids that all fears can be conquered especially with God by their side. Its amazing to realize that God works in marvelous ways, because the teachers were also inadvertently taught how to be fearless leaders. Well it helped me to understand my walk with God was so much bigger than just filling up my own spiritual needs but that we, as teachers, carry such a massive mantle because we hold the key to the future generation growth in God. Well thats my powerful thought for year done and dusted lol. 

The way I make it sound, is like all we did in Camp was learn and learn and learn.Well we did, but we sure had alot of fun inbetween and while learning. Just to give you some indication as to what we did, here is a list:

  1. Hiking 
  2. Team building exercises (I was proudly on the yellow team, but dont worry I loved all the kids equally hehe) 
  3. Obstacle courses
  4. Treasure hunt and easter egg hunt
  5. Pool Party
  6. Rocket building and launching contest (Parents have the evidence at home lol) 
  7. Bible time/quiet time
  8. Minute To Win It 

If you look carefully, you will find a common theme amongst these activities. It required something called TEAMWORK. Its fun watching kids take part in activities until you realize that they like to win everything and anything. Being in a team, and being a big kid myself lol, you could imagine how I also wanted to win every challenge lol, but adulting is hard hey. Jokes aside, it was a process of getting my team to understand that they need to work together and that there is no ‘I’ in team. There was also an element that I noticed in my team, that the boys and girls didnt seem willing to work together and have confidence in each other. Stereotyping starts young guys. However, my battle was won, even though it was towards the end on Sunday, when I paired a boy and girl for a challenge and they won it. Hallejuah, praise the Lord. I make light of it but it was a marvelous moment for me. I was a proud teacher aka mum for the weekend lol. 

So now I think its time to mention an activity that will bring tears to these kids parents eyes. Your kids cooked their own dinner for one night. They worked again as teams and started from scratch, girls cutting the veggies and meat and boys preparing the fire and potjie. Parents be proud, your kids made you proud. I can vouch for them because although we had our own food, I made sure I ate some of the kids  preparations as well, and I was amazed. It tasted fantastic, havent eaten much potjies before but they sure made me enjoy it. (Evidence below)

A little more about my experience about camp and being apart of this minitry. I found this as a truly eye opening weekend, because I saw how special my kids are. I teach many of these kids on a Sunday and I got to bond with them on a different level. One of my special moments for the camp, actually brought a tear to my eye, was when the kids prayed for us. We did a fire tunnel and at the end we walked through with them laying hands and praying for us. It touched me at how a child looks at me, a sense of pure innocence and someone who meant every word they said. Children are so special and everyone should needs to have a heart like a child. 

I have come to the conclusion that I will remain in Kids ministry as long as its the will of the father that I remain in it, which is probably a long long time. However, I can say Shine is ina good hands, thanks to the wonderful set of teachers we have. However, there is this one special lady that needs to be mentioned by name and that is Lynette. Your kids are in good hands. 

Anyway more of my ramblings about camp lol. I felt so blessed to have these kids by me for the weekend. It was exhausting, yet very rewarding at the same time. I looked so relaxed and at same time like a unicon LOL, because when you with girls no matter the age, you do girl stuff and that means manicures and pedicures lol. Girls just wanna have fun! Below a picture of me all relaxed and I must add that the photo cred goes to one of the kids who I taught how to operate a camera .. made me so proud man!

Lastly, I just want to appreciate all the parents who sent their kids on this journey with us. It was truly special weekend for us all and something we all will remember for a lifetime. I raise a glass to all the memories created. To the year to come and till next year camp, im ready for you.

PS: If you dont believe my words, they say pictures are worth a thousand words. Below you will find some of the 600 photographs I took this weekend lol. Im young and free and im going to hashtag this post just becauwe I can.

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