Brace yourself, Football season is here! 

Football, the biggest sport in the world, is about to take over your life for the next 9/10 months of your life. From England to South Africa, the season of Football is about to begin and capture our attention, while evening breaking hearts in the process. Tips for girls, its time to learn the sport so you aren’t the one’s left with a broken heart (see more tips at the end).

Every country has their own football league, I’m not talking about American Football for any Americans reading this, and naturally there is always a league better than the rest and which I’m going to focus on here. This league is the English Premier League, i wonder if any of you will differ, however this league will have 20 clubs fighting it out over 38 games to claim the title of best club in England. The structure of the league’s in different countries follow similar principles, 20 teams for La Liga, 18 for Bundesliga, South African league 16. These are just the four league’s I follow the most.

Moving on, support for the English premier is massive in my country, South Africa. Almost every day, or at every event, including church and even wedding ceremonies, one will find a supporter dawning their favourite EPL team shirt. In my case, it will be Liverpool. So in my case, the 12 August 2017 is a big day because that’s when my team starts playing (against Watford). 

I earlier mentioned that Football season runs for 9/10 months, well that’s true, but for remainder of year there is something called a transfer window (so technically Football never ends). The transfer window is were teams get to sell and buy players from other teams. If you don’t think any part of Football is entertaining, well then this is where you probably might find something juicy girls. Transfer windows are usually full of DRAMA, don’t we just love that ladies. Drama, which sometimes isn’t always pleasing to fans who got to lose players. So let’s give you an example. 

Liverpool’s Phillipe Coutinho is rumored to wanting to take up an offer from another club for him to join, namely Barcelona. Coutinho is one of our BEST players in Liverpool and is attracting alot of money from Barcelona. Liverpool are refusing however to give Coutinho up, even with the attractive package of 90 million. You do the math, that’s alot of money and money runs the world, so you piece together how valuable a player Coutinho is. Fans are hoping, especially me, that he doesn’t leave, we hear rumors that he wants to go, and then that he doesn’t. RUMORS, that make it more dramatic but it’s good entertainment. Now just like a suspense movie, we have to just wait and see whether Coutinho will make massive fan base happy or make them sad, including me. How much more fun can football get???

If that isn’t entertaining enough, maybe you should research the other dramatic transfer of the season, involving Neymar, one of best players in the world. Again it seems, Barcelona is involved but this time they lost a player and the plot thickens because they plentiful of cash to play with. This is what movie scripts are written off. Therefore pick a side, will Barcelona succeed with the pocketful money reserves or will Coutinho stay and prove that sometimes money can’t buy you everything. So stay tuned, because if it doesn’t happen by tomorrow, the transfer window closes on the 31st of August, anything can happen by then on another episode of Chronicles of A Liverpool Fans Life.

As promised above, I am going to give out more tips to girls (and guys who need to keep up with football loving girls). The terms red card, off side, scoring goals are common terms used in the world. A red card in football though is, when a player is sent off the field for committing a foul against an opposing player, that he is either given two yellow cards or does something dangerous that gets him sent straight out with a red card. Well scoring goals, is simple enough, is when a player kicks/heads the ball over the opposition goal line (see below).

Scoring a Goal

The harder rule which is offside, is difficult to explain but here goes, is when a player, from let’s say Barcelona, paseses the ball forward to his teammate but that teammate is ahead of opposition player,Liverpool, excluding the goal keeper therefore the second last opponent (see picture illustrated below). 

Offside Rule

Overall, Football is a pretty simple sport to understand and brings enjoyment to every part of the world. It’s 22 men on the field from both teams, and therefore 11 a side, that keep most of world happy for 90 minutes at a time.

Let’s embrace the sport that unites people in the world. Pick a team and join in on the fun. If you don’t have a team, choose Liverpool, best team in the world haha and will always provide entertainment.

Let the games begin ….

First match of English premier league starts tonight.. Arsenal FC vs Leicester City .. starts 17:00 on 12 August.

Let the games begin …

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