Ignite the Passion: SA vs India Tour 2018 

Cricket, the one word that brings a smile to my face and the sport that can keep me occupied for days on end, is here in Cape Town and will feature two of the biggest teams in the world, South Africa and India. 

Tomorrow, the 5th of January 2018, will have viewers from across the globe tuning in to catch the action that is commencing at Newlands Cricket Stadium and fortunately for me, I have front row seats to capture each ball live from the stadium. Starting off in Cape Town, the traditional new year’s test will create lively and energetic atmosphere for the series, as Newlands stadium is sold out for the test. It’s one of the things I love about Cape Town, always ready for sports event. 

Right then, minor details aside, a tour containing India always brings along an extra dose of excitement (And no, it’s not because I’m of indian descent lol), but because the love India has for cricket will transform into passion on the field by their players and off the field by their cricket fans. Just wait for Twitter to be buzzing and cricket hashtags start trending worldwide for proof of this.#SAvsInd

The contest on the field itself will provide entertainment for all who are involved, as the list of players competing against each other are considered the best in the world. Watching Virat Kohli facing the likes of Morne Morkel, AB Devilliers facing Bhuvneshwar Kumar or Aiden Markram (our future star)  facing spin from Ashwin is already starting to get my heart racing from the excitement that beholds us, cricket lovers.

As opponents that are seen as challenging and difficult to play against, India has never won a series in South Africa surprisingly. Or is it a surprise, since the indian cricket team doesn’t seem to fair well on wickets that are greener and favor bounce unlike pitches in India. With world class players in their team, one would think that stat would have changee in recent times but it hasn’t. Luckily for India, South Africa is their first stop to try and prove the world wrong, including me, as they also face England and Australia away during this year. So keep an eye out on India, because it’s going to be fun with India either laughing in our faces cause they will win a series playing in the countries mentioned above or the world will get to use the line “I Told You So” to every Indian fan out there.

As a Protea fan, I can’t wait to see my boys take the field, can’t wait to hear the national anthem be sung with goosebumps forming on my arms, can’t wait to watch the ball be bit to all corners of the ground, can’t wait to hear bat on ball and most definitely can’t wait to enjoy my favorite sport being played Live at Newlands, one of the most beautiful grounds in the world. If I’m being honest with myself, I also can’t wait for my favourite player, AB DE Villers name to be chanted around the ground.

Beautiful Table Mountain Overlooking Newlands

All I know right now, is that the passion inside of me for blogging about cricket has been ignited. As our captain Faf Du Plessis has posted about being excited for the series, so am I. To an exciting tour of South Africa, by India, may the best team win.

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