Month: April 2018

Travel Tips: Be Smart not Extravagant!

Travel has become a topic that i keep thinking and talking about more and more often these days. I have become so in love with the idea of travelling that it disappoints me to sit idle and let time pass thereby achieving none of my goals. However with the new year, a little more mature me, i have devised a plan to travel more and it may not be as extravagant as you think. Continue reading “Travel Tips: Be Smart not Extravagant!”

Travel SA: Taking a trip to Elands Bay 

Welcome to Elands Bay

Travelling in South Africa, especially Cape Town can be quite rewarding to an adventurous and free spirited person. It caters to the needs of every kind of person, be it a nature lover chasing waterfalls, a surfer looking for the best waves, a person looking to embrace various cultures, we have it all.  Continue reading “Travel SA: Taking a trip to Elands Bay “

Morkel: Leaving his mark on the field and in our hearts! 

The time i met the Legend himself at JP 21Project

In life many aim to add value to their name, to make their name become known to the world. Sportsman succeed to an extent with this, they become known for the period in which they play. However, very few leave legacies behind and I have had the honor of being able to watch one such person play, that being, Morne Morkel.  Continue reading “Morkel: Leaving his mark on the field and in our hearts! “