LUSH Shampoo: The organic way of doing life! 

LUSH, the store you can smell from miles away when walking through a mall and that further entices you  to step into the shop with its radiating display of products that’s set in a colorful arrangement creating a cool vibe for one to walk into. What’s even more surprising is that it drew me, a tom boy in my younger days, who dislikes shopping to this day. 

So my new trial with a LUSH product, namely the shampoo, began with my fascination with the fact LUSH had become environmentally conscious and thereby reduced their plastic usage. Yes, I’m big on reducing my carbon footprint, so this caught my attention.

Secondly, they have a shampoo range that, wait for it,  isn’t in liquid form but more like a soap bar. Weird fascination but we all have something that tickles our fancy and this did it for me.

Thirdly, the fact that I would be washing my hair in something that is full of essential oils and fresh ingredients sounded spectacular. Not to mention the fact that it’s not just one shampoo bar that fits all, but there are tailor made shampoo bars for your type of hair. I got help from the very helpful worker at LUSH and chose the the one called “Jason and the Argon Oil” and it’s pink (girls favorite color right?) with a rosy scent. I honestly never knew I needed to try any new hair products until I saw this shampoo bar and it actually made me feel less Tom boyish and more girly girl, which is always a good feeling. 

Jason and Argon Oil Shampoo Bar

So how did I find out about this shampoo bar? Social media ofcourse, being a young adult who is on their phones majority of the time this was the perfect platform for marketing. Chances are if this is the first time you are hearing of this product, then you have also learnt of it from social media 😉 

Importantly, how did this product fair in my opinion. Well honestly, I was fascinated by just rubbing the bar of soap on my head lol. However on a serious note, the wash was simple and from then only the difference was felt. The texture of my hair,while rubbing the product in, changed immediately. My hair felt silky as promised and that was just in the wash. Thereafter I styled my hair and the results were instant. I could see that my hair shined more, felt silky and it had it had a bounce to it. I honestly kept looking at it through the mirror and for me that is big because I’m not the type to keep checking myself out in the mirror.

So this bar of shampoo has a life span of up to 80 washes and I purchased it from the LUSH store at the V&A waterfront. It costs a mere R115 for a bar, meaning each wash costs you R1,40 and for someone who washes her hair twice a week/10 times a month that will last for around 8 months. I have just impressed myself with that stat haha.

Just to pass on a little extra information, other variations of shampoo bar are the “Honey, I washed my hair”, Godiva, seanik, karma korma, lullaby and copperhead. They each have their own benefits so be sure to know what your hair needs and find your nearest store or visit their website and order it from convenience of your own home. Website for South Africa is:

On that note, I shall sign off by saying I highly rate this product and it a must try if you love your hair to feel and smell good, not forgetting your bathroom will also smell nice too hehe. I cannot wait to try another brand of product from LUSH in future.


The girl who is growing out of her Tom boyish ways

4 thoughts on “LUSH Shampoo: The organic way of doing life! ”

    1. It is amazing. I’m chuffed with myself for getting the product 😃 … It’s not slippery at all. After use just wipe it so it’s not wet and replace in the tin.

      Yes hair is cleaner for longer. Noticed the difference from the start. Hair felt so silky when I was washing it only.


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