Lourensford Wine Estate: The first stop in this journey.

The Western Cape, particularly the areas surrounding Cape Town, is well known for its wine estates and if one wants to truly experience what Cape Town is like, then wine estates is a definite must visit. Over the next few weeks, I will be visiting different wine farms or attending wine events to help you choose which wine farm should be next on your list to visit. To start off the journey, Lourensford Wine Estate was the first stop on my long list.

Lourensford Wine Tasting Room

Lourensford is situated in Somerset West, an area surrounding Cape Town, with the beautiful Helderberg mountains as a backdrop. From the city centre it is a mere 50 km’s away, a short drive for an amazing estate that can entertain probably every kind of person with the numerous activities it provides on the estate itself.

Activities at Lourensford Wine Estate include but are not limited to:

  • Wine tasting and cellar tours
  • Art gallery
  • The Motor Studio (Winter)
  • Sunday markets (Summer)
  • Millhouse Restaurant
  • The Coffee Roasting Co.
  • Gardens Tours
  • Wellness Spa and Lifestyle shop
  • Clay Pigeon Adventures and Mountain Biking

Upon arrival at Lourensford, I ventured to the Life Retreat Lifestyle Shop while I awaited the arrival of my friend and partner in crime for the day, Candice. Here I found a shop filled with various products on sale, my favourite was the natural range of products such as bath soaps, hand soaps, body butter etc. It was great to discover that these products were produced by local businessmen. What is even better is that the prices are so reasonable, that I was tempted to buy the whole range.

Partner in Crime – Candice Groenmeyer

Afterwards, when my friend arrived, we headed towards the wine cellar. Along the way, the beauty of the estate caught my attention. It was full of the color green, the color of life,  with the beautiful Helderberg mountains providing a perfect setting to any photographer who loves capturing a good shot, like me.

The beautiful backdrop behind Lourensford Buildings.

Anyway, off to the cellar we were when we decided that it would be better to eat something before we tasted any wine, which is the responsible thing to do. Fortunately for us we didn’t have to go to far as Lourensford has a restaurant, called the Millhouse and a cafe which serves savoury and sweet treats called the Coffee Roasting Company. As we both wanted something light, we visited the later, the coffee roasting co. Here is where I indulged in a savoury dish, a quiche filled with bacon and mushrooms with a side salad. I expected to leave with my light hunger subsided, but what I received surpassed my expectation as the quiche was amazing. Have a look at the pictures below and judge for yourself. Hope you are not looking at this on an empty tummy.

Quiche with side salad
Bacon and mushroom filling of quiche

The Coffee Roasting Co. was a treat and I enjoyed the serenity and peacefulness of the shop, spending much more time than anticipated. However with so much activities available on the farm, we had to keep moving. So next on the list was The Motor Studio, an area dedicated to showcasing cars. Interesting fact, in the summer there seems to be a market area with stalls and in winter they have the motor studio. Well the motor studio offered more than just cars in the end, it also had live entertainment which is complimented by the sale of craft beers in the Abaru room. So ladies and gents, if you fancy cars and beer, then this should be on your hang out places this winter. I must add that I’m not the biggest car fundi but I did enjoy looking at the cars and taking pictures. And as people in my generation say #DoItForTheInstagram was why I did what I did. 

Saving the best feature for last, it was then finally time for the wine tasting. So we made our way to the wine cellar, excitement levels high, in anticipation of what we had been looking forward too, for weeks. Getting there we had four options for wine tasting; standard, premium, Belgian chocolate and wine pairing and the NEW blind challenge.

Being adventurous and wine lovers, Candice chose the blind challenge and I chose the chocolate and wine pairing because chocolate is a girls weak spot. For some extra information, the blind challenge involves four random wines to taste and you guessing what they were and if correct then the tasting is free. The thrill of it all made this so much more exciting and was worth it because it added fun to the wine tasting experience. If wrong, you only had to pay R45, which is what we did, but hey it was all for the fun and was totally worth it.

Blind wine tasting

Then for my tasting, it was four chocolate pairings with four different wines. The orange flavoured belgian chocolate paired up with the limited release Chardonnay. The Lourensford estate merlot with the dark cherry chocolate. The lourensford Shiraz with the dark chili chocolate. Finally an unique honey liqueur with dark mint chocolate. To my surprise, the pairing I enjoyed the most was the orange chocolate and Chardonnay. I was surprised because I thought that my love for spicy stuff would draw me to the chili chocolate and shiraz. Spiciness, in the end, did win because from my set of wines, I enjoyed the Shiraz the most when looking at just the wines. Overall, I’m more of a white wine fan (not surprising I enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc that Candice had on her tray) but with more of these wine experiences planned maybe that will change. Only time will tell, so let’s wait and see ….

Belgian Dark Chocolate and Wine Pairing

To tie this together, Lourensford offers so many activities that can entertain almost any crowd. Families could enjoy a lunch together at Millhouse, a book lover could enjoy the eats at Coffee and roasting co while reading a book,  a dog owner could walk their dogs, car lovers could enjoy live entertainment and beer at the motor studio and wine lovers could enjoy wine tastings as well as fill their day doing the above while sitting next to the Fireplace during this winter.

I would gladly return to Lourensford wine estate, hopefully to be able to experience their other activities and tell you all about them, like the spa treatments and the clay pigeon Adventures. So in the meantime, if you are looking for a day out or even just an afternoon, look no further than Lourensford Estate.

Until the next journey. Cheers 🍷


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