Publik Wine Fair 2018: The event that blew up my passion for wine.

Publik Wine Event with my favorite wine of the event 😏

Publik wine fair 2018, an event that showcases great wine producers and allows the public a chance to get to mingle and pick the brains of the wine makers themselves. It was hosted at the Publik warehouse in Salt river, on the 15th of July, with the full quota of 300 tickets being sold.

Being my first wine event, i was both excited and a little anxious as I kept wondering, or more like overthinking, if i was going to  be able to find my way through these wine stalls gathering valuable information, with so many people around. Luckily for me, i was not alone and i had a friend with me, someone who has become my partner in wine, and someone that i believe that has so much knowledge to pass down and therefore was the perfect person to accompany on my first wine event.

Silvermist Vineyards

With the nerves out of the way, I finally could get out my shell and continue on the journey between wine stalls and tasting vario us wines. It was made easier by bumping into (not physically) the friendliest wine maker of the event at the first stall, that being Silvermist. After talking about his wine, wine estate, restaurants and views from Silvermist, i actually felt quite excited, because from this one meeting i could foresee an adventure on the horizon but i just had to wait for the wine tasting room at Silvermist to be completed. So while I am at this, i should sum this up. I love white wine and my favorite of the list is a sauvignon blanc and that is what Silvermist specializes in. So that was a great start to the event for me.

Afterwards, we had to come up with a plan to make our way through all the wine stalls and decided to start with all the white wines first. Bless her heart, my friend is in a red wine phase but she tasted every white wine available ❀ So thereafter we methodically made our way through the stalls, swirling, smelling and tasting wines. Looking all professional I’m sure but truth be told, I have so much alot learn about wine that it’s become one of my mission for the next few months to become familiar with wine again and learn as much as possible about the industry. I once worked at Cybercellar, a wine company, which taught me alot but also made me realize that no one can 100% taste and guess every aspect of every wine they drink but with practice one will become better. So that’s what I shall do and I hope you shall join me on this adventure and learn with me. 

Back to the event, it was such a treat to being able to taste these wines on display. These wines are not wines that you find on sale everywhere and actually these wines have interesting stories attached to them. One of the stories I heard was that there is an old lady who gets grapes from a vineyard and makes the wine in her backyard who’s wine gets its name from the street she lives on. To a guy who made wine and labels the wine and brands it with his wife’s face or his dad’s face.

Therefore, hearing the passion when the wine makers talk about their wines will make almost anyone enthusiastic about tasting their wines. Finding out that some of them drove from hours away just to attend this, will also give you show you their passion.  I found a new appreciation for these people who pursue their interests and try to develop wines with a twist of what they feel is how something should be. They create art people and therefore I come to realize that WINE MAKING IS AN ART!
Yes, wine making is an art and these wine makers at Publik wine fair proved it. As I said I’m not an expert, but I have a general idea of what a Chenin blanc and a Sauvignon Blanc is tastes like in general. However, when I tasted many of the wine on offer on Sunday at this event, I was amazed that the same grape varieties, had unique tastes that stood out to even me. So yes, I definitely say this is art, because they are given same material but use different techniques to produce unique wines.

Spin cycle (white wine) on the left and the easy tiger (red wine) on the right.

So unfortunately, I can’t remember every wine I tasted but I can pick out the few that left it’s mark, so much so that I look forward to buying more of their wine sometime in the future. One of the first stalls I enjoyed was @maanschijnwijn (picture on the right). The spin cycle Verdelho was had me feeling fresh and ready for what was to follow. I later did come back for the red, which was one of the better reds I did like. Maanschijnwijn, overall had that unique taste that made me remember their name.

Then came @raisedbywolves with his chenin blanc. There were alot of Chenin blanc varietals in this wine show and therefore my appreciation for chenin blancs grew.

Raised by wolves
Sijnn Winery

The next winery was Sijnn, which served a few wines I tasted (one white and two red wines). This is Charla (on the right), the assistant winemaker of Sijnn, who drove ours to get to the publik wine festival.

My favourite wine of the event turned out to be a bottle of Eenzaamheid, Vin Blanc 2017. The taste of the wine was so refreshing and encourages another sip. So it was no surprise that i walked out of the event with a bottle of this.



The last aspect that caught my attention were two winemakers who set up their stalls in such an unique way. The first was Carinus Family wines who had a star wars theme (right). It did not take to much convincing for me to try the helmet on and become a storm trooper for a few seconds. The second stall was Blacksmith wines who had skulls and a basilisk on their bottles and on their table for display (left).

Carinus Family Wines with storm trooper theme
Blacksmith wines

Overall, publik wine fair 2018 has been a wonderful experience and my first event turned out to be the reason I find myself so motivated to learn more about wine. Drinking it is amazing, but learning about it seems even more exciting. Join me on my journey of wine…
Dhashnie Pillay









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