Rickety Bridge Wine Estate: why it’s worth every penny to visit! 

DSC_0627[1]Rickety Bridge Wine Estate is a beautiful wine estate that is located in the beautiful town of Franschhoek. This is a town that is cradled between mountains, so you can just imagine what a perfect setting this wine farm would have for photography enthusiasts, like myself.

So Rickety bridge was my sunday stop after church, a 45 minute drive from Bellville in Cape Town which may seem long but it is totally worth it. Arriving at Rickety Bridge around lunch time, my stomach was growling as one would expect but the wait was worth it as there is a restaurant called Paulina’s at Rickety Bridge. I always tend to fall in love with the idea of a restaurant at a wine estate, and Paulina’s only made me fall deeper in love with the idea as the experience was memorable. With  covered seating arrangements outside with views of the mountains and vineyards, to seating on the inside with a comfy vibe with beautiful arrangement of flowers, i thought it was fascinating.

Beef Fillet
Even better, was the choice of food that was on the menu with many options for one to choose from, with even the veg options looking appetizing. In the end i chose a beef fillet, which was kind of the most expensive dish on the menu, however it was probably the best presented steak i must have had the opportunity of eating. I have implemented a healthy eating plan into my lifestyle and I thought that i was going to have a cheat day but to my surprise that wasn’t necessary as this dish suited my plan and in addition, I don’t think I enjoyed vegetables as much before. I choose my steak medium rare and there was no disappointment as it was juicy and succulent. Have a look for yourself at the picture to your right. For my refreshment, i decided to stick to what was recommended, that is a cuppa Paulina’s cabernet sauvignon, a red wine for a red meat dish.

Rickety Bridge Sauvignon Blanc 2017

After a scrumptious meal, it was time to head into the next room for the tasting of the wine made at Rickety Bridge. It was another quaint room that was heated by the small fire place situated the corner of the room. Seated, my friend and I, made our way through the wine tasting list to choose our five wines. To make the most of the experience we ordered different wines, with hers mostly Red and mine the opposite, mostly white but i didn’t not mind as i love whites. My list of cultivars were as follows: Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin blanc, Paulina’s reserve semillon, Foundation stone white and, the lone ranger, Merlot. If i have to think about it, the order of the cultivars above is also the order in which I enjoyed my wine. Well, it’s not a surprise that the Sauvignon Blanc won as most of my partners in wine know that i love that cultivar. The description of the wine alone won me, light, crisp and fruity on the pallet which lingers and added to the aroma’s of fruit such as passion fruit, gooseberries and pear on the nose, it was divine.

My love for red wine is growing though, contrary to my ranking of Merlot above. The glass of wine that i had with my food was not included there and i did love the Paulina’s Cabernet Sauvignon, so much so that i drank the whole glass at lunch. The other reds that i enjoyed was the Pinotage, which was apart of my friends tasting list, and i found that to have a spicier finish than the Shiraz which might be weird but hey I am still learning about wine and have a lot to learn.


Meat and Cheese Platter
One more experience that i enjoyed, was having the meat and cheese platter. You might wonder why is this an experience on its own, well it is because I don’t usually have this kind of platters normally and if i do i generally eat what i like and leave the rest. However, with my friend at my side i decided to be adventurous and tried all  4 cheeses provided and enjoyed two of them while my friend enjoyed the other two, a perfect combo we are turning out to be. So with a cracker with salami with cheese and wine on the side, I savoured the moment.

As I have been enjoying reading again, I have made it a weekly event of taking my book along on my trips to wine estates. The scenery is perfect for one to be engrossed in a novel where your mind travels to another world, while having the perfect background of mountains and vineyards to gaze upon when the time is right to come back to planet earth, not forgetting you have the choice of wine readily available when needed, sounds just about perfect. My current read is Lisa Gardner, touch and go, as i am into mystery and suspense type of novels.

Overall, Rickety Bridge was my favourite wine estate that I have had the pleasure of visiting since i have been wine tripping around every weekend since July. The atmosphere, the service from its staff, to the arrangement and decor and variety of food and wine available was superb. I forgot to mention they sell wine flavoured ice cream, like seriously how awesome is that. So thank you to Rickety Bridge for providing such spectacular facilities. I will be back soon, hopefully sooner than later, and maybe even if i had the chance i would be back reviewing the accomodation of Rickety Bridge. The Future looks good, so here is to more wine adventures.


Peace Out

Dhashnie Pillay





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