Restaurant: Protea Fire and Ice Hotel

So my birthday came up and when one gets older, the excitement of birthdays seem to die down. Hence, I didn’t make plans for the night but luckily on the day I felt like going out into town and had a decision to make. Where would I go for dinner?

I wanted to choose some place that screams class, and a place to go fine dining, so I chose a place on the entertainer that stood out to me, the Protea Fire and Ice Restaurant. My choice was soon justified soon after entering, as I found beauty in the restaurant with Table Mountain in the back drop.

So let’s get to the main aspect of this. The menu was given to my 3 friends and I and we turned straight to the milkshakes page because word was, the milkshakes here are amazing. The selection of milkshakes was a long and hard process as the choices available was long. We finally came to a decision and OMG!!! They looked simple but exquisite at the same time if you can picture that. I had a Ferrero Roche milkshake along with my one friend, another had a berry flavored milkshake and the other had a hot chocolate flavored milkshake.


Information regarding milkshakes:

Options: you get kiddies milkshakes flavors and then you get adult milkshakes with a dash of alcohol in it πŸ˜‰


Half portions R45

Full portions R60

Only half portions are included when using the entertainer.

Main Course

So now we had to choose our main course and again the choice was endless. From signature burgers to gourmet burgers, from steak to chicken, from seafood to African dishes, we were truly spoilt for choice. Eventually we all settled on our different dishes, 2 gourmet burgers and two meat dishes. The food that arrived made all 4 of us, gasp in awe. The presentation of the food and the portion of food given was pleasing to the eye. It was so good, that I had to wake up from my seat to walk around the table and snap pictures of each person’s plate which I will showcase below.

Quick fact: Entertainer only works on the main dishes and not starters.

A chicken wake up call, gourmet burger with cucumber, cheddar, bacon and egg.
A Macho Nacho Chicken Burger Gourmet burger with crispy nachos and guacamole and feta
A Man Eater Meat Dish, a rump steak cooked in whiskey and served with baby vegetables and mushroom sauce
A 400 gram T-Bone with wedges and a side Salad

As you can see from the above our dishes looked amazing but what about the taste. Everyone came back with good comments, the meal was flavourful and satisfying. I personally enjoyed my T Bone with exception to a small part of the T bone being well done when I ordered it medium to rare. However, that was just a small bit, with the rest of it being perfectly prepared as requested. I even ate most of my salad that was provided, to start of being 26 on a healthier note. πŸ˜‰


Surprise Surprise!!!

I got a shock when I saw people coming towards me with a candle lit up on a brownie with cream. The staff at the hotel sang happy birthday for me while I sat there being all shy and unexpectant. So Thank you Protea Hotel and thanks to my friend for setting it up it made my day even more special.πŸ™‚

Chocolate Brownie with cream and strawberries 😍

So overall the Protea Hotel provided me with a dining experience that I shall remember for a while. You can expect me back soon as my mouth is already watering for a full portion of milkshake 🀀

If you are looking at dining out soon, in a fine dining set up, I would highly recommend Protea Fire and Ice Restaurant. It is a restaurant with good selection of food, and has to be prepared by the highest of caliber of chef’s because this hotel sees guests from across the world. Also, If you have the entertainer, it would be an even better option. However let me just add this: I WOULD EAT AT PROTEA FIRE AND ICE even if I didn’t have the entertainer on me.

From Dhashnie Pillay

Paayal, Dhashnie, Maddy and Nicole

Big is beautiful: Body shaming is so last season!

So most of you know that I am a cricket buff and I attend cricket matches regularly. So when I attend these matches I generally wear one of my Proteas T Shirts and Friday night was no different. This time I chose to wear my David Miller shirt and like any fan would, I took a photo in it and posted it when David Miller came out to Bat.

What happened next, after I posted it on Twitter, was something I didn’t expect. I didn’t expect someone, especially cricket fans who are enjoying the cricket at present, to make a comment saying “fat” and “fattest” and was quite shocked at the time. I have always been bigger built then most around me but I never was made fun off or hurt by someone, so this was a shock. If you think this is going to be a soppy story, then no it’s not because Im here to voice my disgust for body shamers.

You know, the weird aspect to this is that I started appreciating my body towards the end of 2018 and that made me more comfortable living in the skin that I have. What I am trying to say is that this comment possibly could have hurt me before then, and that was merely a month ago.

What really upsets me is that there are people that struggle with self image and may not be able to brush off negative comments made about them. It’s insensitive to not take into account the other person’s feelings when commenting on their post. The saying is, “if you have nothing good to say then don’t say it at all” is important especially if it’s not on your space. We have the right to freedom of speech and expression but make your thoughts known on your own platform/time-line, not on someone else’s space. Remember we may have the “right” to freedom of speech but we also have a responsibility to use it wisely.

We as people need to reshape our thinking and not let magazines tell us what and who we should look like. Yes, Anna Hathaway is gorgeous but so is Melissa Mccarthy and Rachel Wilson. They all look good on the big screen. And they all should be appreciated. So stop basing your ideals of a women one kinda women. Be alert and protect your mind from being brainwashed into thinking that a size zero is the perfect kind of women.

In this instance, the shirt that I was wearing was a cricket players, who is fit and in good shape because he is a cricket player. Now, am i supposed to be as good in shape as him? I respect the players for the dedication to training, I respect people who have fast metabolisms and burn off fat instantly, I respect people who take all these funny concoctions to say fit. But don’t you think respect work both ways. Don’t you think BIGGER girls also DESERVE RESPECT. Respect girls who yes, like good food, who are to tired to work out regularly and who have medical issues and take medication that makes them gain the few kilos. Respect them because you don’t know what their life entails so how can you judge.

To body shamers, 2019 is the year you should look for growth in the way you think. Because 2019 is the year this supposed “fat” girl won’t be tolerating your nonsense. This year if you want to act like a tart, just remember this fat girl loves tarts and will gladly eat you up.

This year I will be standing up for the thousands, or more like MILLIONS that are to afraid to voice their opinions. If you are big built, small built, shaped like a apple or pear, just remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. God made you unique, don’t die trying to a copy of someone you were not made to be.

Your fat kid (adulting is hard, I rather be a kid πŸ˜‰)

Dhashnie Pillay

Whale Season: Experience the Whale Festival at Hermanus this September!

It’s almost that time of the year again where people will be flocking to Hermanus in the Western Cape, to celebrate and enjoy the sighting of the Southern Right Whales. The whale festival is an annual event that is held for 3 days at the end September each year in Hermanus, with people coming from far and wide to attend this event. This year the festival is in its 27th year and will be held from the 28th to the 30th of September 2018. Continue reading “Whale Season: Experience the Whale Festival at Hermanus this September!”

Rickety Bridge Wine Estate: why it’s worth every penny to visit!Β 

DSC_0627[1]Rickety Bridge Wine Estate is a beautiful wine estate that is located in the beautiful town of Franschhoek. This is a town that is cradled between mountains, so you can just imagine what a perfect setting this wine farm would have for photography enthusiasts, like myself.

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Publik Wine Fair 2018: The event that blew up my passion for wine.

Publik Wine Event with my favorite wine of the event 😏

Publik wine fair 2018, an event that showcases great wine producers and allows the public a chance to get to mingle and pick the brains of the wine makers themselves. It was hosted at the Publik warehouse in Salt river, on the 15th of July, with the full quota of 300 tickets being sold.

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Lourensford Wine Estate: The first stop in this journey.

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LUSH Shampoo: The organic way of doing life!Β 

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Travel Tips: Be Smart not Extravagant!

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Travel SA: Taking a trip to Elands BayΒ 

Welcome to Elands Bay

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Morkel: Leaving his mark on the field and in our hearts!Β 

The time i met the Legend himself at JP 21Project

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