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Strength of A Women: Through You, Life Begins!Β 

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25

A woman, she is fearfully and wonderfully made .. she bears the weight of the world on her shoulders .. she is created with a purpose from the very beginning .. she is how the world replenishes itself with life of children .. she is the image of strength .. she shapes minds of the future.. she is LOVED beyond her own understanding .. So just remember ladies, you are very Special to this world. 

So today in South Africa, we celebrate Women’s day. A day set out to acknowledge women for who they are and what they can achieve. It’s also a day that empowers women and a day that strives for ending abuse, creating equality for women in the workplace, and striving for better conditions to empower girls from when they young and in school. Basically, it’s a day to Honor Women and teach them that we are important, just as important as men in the world. This movement is not just specific to South Africa, it is also celebrated world wide every year on the 8th of March. However my message is to help motivate you,women, to strive and acknowledge your worth each and every morning you awake. 

It’s shocking, or maybe not, to realize that women have been attached to the stigma of inferiority. What’s worse is that women were captives to this concept for so long that women are victims of believing it to be true. Well I’m here to change your mind if you still have any inkling to believe you are worth less. This coming from a Indian woman, so this should be interesting.

So why do/did we think we as women are inferior? Is it based on physical strength differing between genders or just the inability to comprehend that value isn’t determined by how masculine men are compared to women. Well, let me just say that we all should wake up and smell the roses because we are not living in stone age times. It would be common then to think that men were superior because they were physically built to hunt and provide, but it doesn’t hold same weight now. Times have changed, women have developed and with tools and technology around, we as women too can achieve anything a man can. 

My fight, or should I say purpose, is not to fight and show women we are superior than men, NO, It is to make women, and to the men reading, realize that we are EQUAL and are capable of achieving the same goals in life. In today’s day and age, we need to realize that we, women, can achieve same jobs/salaries as men, and with perseverance and confidence in ourselves, we can change the worldly structure of businesses placing higher values on men. This is, however, a process because the world has been brainwashed for far to long. Therefore the value we place on ourselves now, will help us achieve better conditions  in our lives now but will only pave way to better lives of women in future. Hopefully that future isn’t to long away so we can see the fruit of it soon.

If any doubt remains, think of it in this way .. men are physically stronger than women by nature but women you overlook the fact that you are mentallystronger (don’t have as much testosterone in our bodies) which means we not as aggressive in nature. Through all the challenges we face, we still overcome them, easily sometimes and sometimes with alot of effort but we are OVERCOMERS. Disclaimer: we are however human by nature, therefore our capabilities differ. Hence women are sometimes physically stronger by comparing structure to men and men are also able to be mentally stronger, which boils down to how they were raised and how their mind was cultivated (Guess what though, that required a women’s touch as well). But this is a whole other topic on its on, so moving on. 

The next step is just for women to REALIZE that we are by far greater than what we make ourselves out to be. For far to long, we let culture of world and culture of community we grew up in influence and shape our minds. It is time we start exercising our freedom by growing ourselves. It is time to realize YOU can conquer the world, YOU can climb the highest mountains, YOU can jump into the deepest oceans, YOU can fly the biggest aircrafts, YOU  can be sit among men and be just influential in decision making, YOU can impact the world by just being you. 

We don’t need to look at the world for confirmation that we are capable. We may at times have to work a little harder to  achieve this but hardwork never hurt anyone. Hardwork builds character and character makes you who you are therefore don’t be afraid working hard. 

Remember ladies, and men, you are always loved … Love helps you grow as a person and I live with unconditional love because God is love and loves us conditional. So to you all, JUST BE YOU because YOU ARE WONDERFULLY AND FEARFULLY MADE BY OUR CREATOR! 

Happy women’s to all the South African Women reading this on the 9th of August. And if it’s not the 9th of August when you read this, happy women’s day to you to because women should celebrate WOMEN’S DAY EVERY SINGLE DAY.